3d printers

WOL3D presents high quality and affordable 3D printers for every office and every home

WOL3D is the pioneer of 3D printing technology in India. The brand recently launched a new set of exclusive 3D printers through cutting-edge research and innovation in an effort to bridge the gap between ideation and manufacturing. New printers named Pixel S1, Twilight 10 and Aster Max simplify the user experience for hassle-free 3D model manufacturing and prototyping. These printers are tough, reliable, and affordable, with high-quality parts that empower makers, innovators, designers, and dreamers to create, innovate, and improve the world.

India’s first genuine DIY 3D printers introduced by WOL3D are quick and simple to assemble and require no prior knowledge for new users. It has an auto-leveling function that can automatically compensate for hearth unevenness. Thanks to its smart sensor technology, it can quickly continue printing after a power outage or when the filament runs out. Products up to 16 inches can be printed with the printers. WOL3D’s 3D printers offer inline, SD, USB and USB-C printing.

WOL3D also offers a wide range of products such as 3D prototyping services, 3D printers, 3D filaments, 3D scanners and 3D pens. Both children and adults can use their 3D pens to develop their artistic abilities. With the tools to generate 3D objects, any DIY project or even simple sketches become intriguing. Moreover, there are many kinds of filaments, including silk, nylon, carbon, ABS+ and many more, so there is never a dull moment with 3D pens.

WOL3D itself has a prestigious badge of honor to bestow on Indian brands that have played a significant role in building the identity of the nation by supporting the AatmaNirbharBharat Abhiyan by having its own filament manufacturing plant in Mumbai.

Over the past 5 years, WOL3D has gained expertise in making affordable and quality 3D printing products available on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, FirstCry, etc. Technology offers new opportunities for different sectors like education, industrial manufacturing, engineering. , Architecture, Interior Design and Healthcare, allowing for easier prototyping. WOL3D also provides prototyping services in FDM, SLS, SLA, DMLS, reverse engineering, vacuum casting and CAD/CAM.

WOL3D is the only mainstream 3D printing brand in India with a presence across India with offices in over 10 cities, working with over 100 resellers and growing rapidly.

WOL3D has built India’s first sustainable 3D printing experience center in Mumbai for anyone to come in and experience this futuristic technology which can be easily used in daily life and across all industries. The center has solar panels and uses only clean energy, significantly reducing its carbon footprint. The state-of-the-art facility demonstrates that high-end technology can be both simply understood and used in everyday life. WOL3D is also one of the fastest growing companies and has a proven franchise model and reseller model which can be chosen by different industries.

Co-founders Rahul Chandalia and Pradeep Jain, together with Director Saloni Chandalia, believe that “we want to constantly innovate and improve our services to help the Indian market by making 3D printing affordable for everyone”.

To learn more, visit https://wol3d.com/