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Würth Additive Group signs an agreement for the worldwide distribution of Rapid Shape 3D printers

The agreement expands the Additive Group’s ability to support production-level additive manufacturing with Rapid Shape’s automated features, including a proprietary Auto Separator Module, a sharp katana-like blade, which enables the direct removal by cutting of the printed parts and subsequent automatic processing of the parts. The same reliability, precision and self-production capabilities that the medical field benefits from and demands are now available to our industrial customers in their own production facilities.

“Rapid Shape’s platform combines sophisticated workflows that allow it to meet the industrial demands of our customers,” said AJ Strandquist, Managing Director of Würth Additive Group. “They are ideally suited to support everyday C-parts with their in-line system capable of producing hundreds of thousands of parts per year. We are excited to bring this technology to our suppliers and customers to help produce their pieces in new ways.”

“The partnership between Würth Additive Group and Rapid Shape is an outstanding example of the Würth Group’s entrepreneurial spirit,” said Dan HillCEO of Würth Industry North America, “Since its inception in 2020, the Additive Group has continually pushed to grow and deliver new, innovative additive services to our customers. Rapid Shapes’ impressive product line and capabilities make it an ideal extension of our offerings.”

“Some competitors don’t like to highlight their entire workflow because it can be inefficient,” says Andreas Schultheiss, managing director of Rapid Shape GmbH. “By integrating a variety of smart systems, we are increasing production capacity, reducing human handling, and putting user safety at the forefront in resin production. We are excited to introduce this technology to Würth Additive Group customers worldwide.

About Würth Industry North America
Würth Industry North America (WINA) is a $1 billion division of the Würth Group, the largest fastener distribution company in the world. As part of the Würth Group, founded in 1945, WINA is a privately owned family business that believes that collaboration and partnerships make better business. They have strategically aligned market divisions: Industrial Markets, MRO/Safety/Metalworking, Construction and Specialties, comprised of 100 locations across North America that allow industries to have better planning, better parts management and better inventory accuracy. As industry solution drivers, WINA works together on site offering products and services such as 3D printing and additive services, digital Kanban, construction services, technical assistance, quality control, management inventory, sales, safety supplies, kit and assembly, structural fasteners and MRO/industrial supplies. With over 420,000 parts in its international supply chain, WINA offers each customer not only extensive global reach, but also local feel through a significant investment in its network of North American locations across United States, Canadaand Mexico. For more information about Würth Industry North America, visit www.wurthindustry.com and find Würth Industry North America on LinkedIn, Facebook, ICT Tacand Youtube.

Würth Industry North America Highlights:

  • Over 100 locations across North America, Mexicoand Brazil
  • More than 2,300 employees
  • Over 420,000 standard parts
  • Part of the $15 billion+ Würth Group, which operates 400 companies in over 80 countries and has over 80,000 employees

About Würth Additive Group
Wurth Additive Group, led by CEO AJ Strandquist, was launched in April 2021 to provide expanded industrial 3D printing products and services, including financing and leasing options. Würth Industry North America started providing additive solutions to its customers at the end of 2017 with rapid prototyping and printing production tools. It now offers complete digital Kanban solutions by integrating 3D printing technology into its existing vendor-managed inventory programs. The group aims to streamline its customers’ supply chain and increase adaptability through additive manufacturing and digital inventory. For more information about Würth Additive Group, visit shop.wurthindustry.com and find Würth Additive Group on instagram.

About Quick Shape
Rapid Shape is a German company specializing in the development and manufacture of high-end systems for additive printing. Rapid Shape has positioned itself as one of the leaders in this industry with proprietary technology that has set new standards for speed, reliability and accuracy. Rapid Shape offers solutions for the industrial, dental, hearing aid and jewelry markets. Accuracy, quality and cooperation with business, material and technological partners distinguish this company from its competitors. For more information on Rapid Shapes 3D printers, please visit www.rapidshape.de.

SOURCE Würth Industry North America

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